New showroom at Brookvale Mazda

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A new showroom emerges from a renovated motor vehicle workshop at Brookvale Mazda.


Note: This project was fully  designed and documented by Maurice Sartorelli while previously a director and senior architect of AS Architects Pty Ltd. As per the Copyrights Act of 1968 and the Copyright Amendment (Moral Rights) Act of 2000, SWD Architects recognises shared custody of the above mentioned design and the moral rights of Maurice Sartorelli.

Minnesota man building a 3D printer to construct houses

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Watch Andrey Rudenko’s prototype for a 3d printer below. Eventually it wll big enough to print a house. He’s using Arduino micro-processor to power the rig. For those who know Arduino is open standard that is remarkable for it being easily customisable at a minimal cost.

The 3d printer pototype in action

via Minnesota man building a 3D printer to construct houses.

Plug-In Solar Panel Kit That Is Truly DIY | CleanTechnica


Plug in solar is becoming¬† a reality for the average home owner at least in the USA. Hopefully these solutions will become available here in Australia soon and change the way we generate electricity, saving costs for the home owner and reducing our society’s reliance on coal fired (and other forms of non renewable energy) energy generation.


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